Global Home Furnishing Fashion Design & High-end Total Customization
Art in Italy
We will bring you the essence of Italian culture and make your life more artistic.
Exceptional craftsmanship is an intrinsic feature of our bespoke service team, especially when it comes to colour finishes. With a total of 44,000 individual colours to choose from, the possibilities to personalise your home are almost limitless.

Exclusive Privilege
The ELECT team extends a cordial invitation to you and looks forward to working with you to create your own luxury home.
Distinctive design
No matter how imaginative your ideas are, ELECT's top-of-the-range service team will help you incorporate them into your luxury home.
Top Luxury
Our bespoke service provides you with a luxurious design that allows you to express your status and enjoy exclusive design. Not only will we create bespoke exteriors and interiors tailored to your personality and tastes, but we are also committed to fulfilling your expectations and dreams for your luxury home.
A home away from home
Here, we are not only your service provider, but also your faithful partner and friend.
Exquisite craftsmanship
Combining high-end materials and cutting-edge technology, our designers and craftsmen use their professional skills to create your own.

Inspiration is everywhere
A moment where craftsmanship and technical elegance combine to shape ELECT's exceptional character. The woodworking workshop team uses advanced laser cutting equipment to create endless design possibilities to make your luxury home second to none.
International Boutique
Our wood experts travel throughout Spain, Italy and Germany to find and select only the finest woods for wood veneer.
ELECT Top Luxury Bespoke Luxury Design Service
We also have a wealth of quality resources, including the world's top brands and material suppliers, to provide you with a selection of raw materials to give your bespoke products a sense of quality and high-end flair. We have the highest level of design concepts and expertise to incorporate each client's needs into our designs to create products that best suit your taste and style. All our design solutions are carefully checked and finely calculated to ensure that both the design and technical aspects are of first-class standard, making your life more comfortable, elegant and colourful. ELECT top luxury customised luxury design service, adhering to the belief of providing the best quality and most charming customised design service for each client, to create a home that makes you feel warm, luxurious and stylish at the same time. Let's create infinite possibilities and enjoy the most perfect living experience together!


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